New Look and Feel for Bantam City Games

Sorry for the lack of posts in the last couple weeks… The 24 Hour Game Experiment got me thinking about what it would be like to be a full-time game developer.  What would I do first?  What’s most important?  When I thought about it, the first thing I would do is redesign the main website to be more customer friendly and less ‘corporate’ looking.  I also wanted to get a better way to gather newsletter customers.  Lastly, I wanted to get some kind of up-sell system going.  After realizing that these are the first things I would do, I stepped back and said, “Well, why don’t I just do these things now!”  It’s not like they are huge time-consuming tasks like creating an MMO :)

So, I haven’t done the newsletter part or the up-sell part yet, but I’m just about done giving the site a face lift (some of the ToW pages still need to be revamped).  So take a look around the Bantam City Games site and let me know what you think.  For those of you too lazy to click the link and browse around, here’s a screen shot of the main page.


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