The 24 Hour Game Experiment – Update 1

It’s been about 6.5 hours and I needed a mental break so I figured it was a good time to post my first update.

Here’s what I’ve done so far:

  • Design Doc (very quick list of screens and a few comments) – in progress
  • Bantam City Games splash screen with proper fading – done
  • Torque Game Builder splash screen with proper fading – done
  • Main Menu – functional, but no images
  • Credits screen – functional, but no images
  • Level Chooser – functional for the first level, but no images
  • Level 1 – basic game play mechanism in place with placeholder art

Here’s are the major things that are left:

  • Game Intro/Ending sequence (not sure about this yet)
  • Production quality artwork
  • Music and sound effects
  • More levels and an updated level chooser
  • Some kind of score or stats screen after each level
  • Some kind of overall high score page

All-in-all not too bad, but still a lot left to do… Here’s an early screen shot because I know you guys are all itching to see what it looks like:


2 Responses to “The 24 Hour Game Experiment – Update 1”

  1. Just by looking at the screenshot, I can’t tell what will the game be about. I mean – there’s Santa and all, but what will Santa do? I’m curious about the design document, too.

  2. That’s true… the game play is not obvious from the screen shot. I’ll be revealing more in future updates. I’m about to start my next work session now so I’ll be posting update 3 this afternoon. The design doc for this project is overly simplified mostly because of a lack of time, but it still provides me with a general direction on where to go next. Maybe I’ll post the design doc after this next update.