The 24 Hour Game Experiment – Update 4

Since I went back to work on Monday, my game development time is limited again, but over the last couple of days I did squeeze in about 4 more hours which brings me to 19 total.  This is the painful thing about being a part-time game developer.

Anyway… I added some production quality art into the game (but still need to redo Santa and the houses) and finished up the Main Menu with some flashy artwork and here’s what I have so far:



2 Responses to “The 24 Hour Game Experiment – Update 4”

  1. Chan Elson says:

    Looks pretty cool. Christmas is just around the corner now so hopefully you get plenty of time to enjoy the game as well as put the final pieces together.

  2. Thanks! I just can’t seem to get in enough time to actually finish it by then. I can usually only get in about 5 hours a week. I’m thinking I’ll do another experiment earlier in the year next year and finish this one up.